Every year, Mother's Day is a great opportunity for all children to thank their mothers for the love and affection she gives to them everyday. On this day, mothers are celebrated with gifts, flowers, sweets and also by spending time with their loved ones. In order to be sure to mark the occasion, it is important to choose the perfect gift. Around a good meal, make the 4th of June 2023 unforgettable by sharing with your mother compliments, kisses, but also gifts. With so much to choose from, finding the perfect present can easily become a real challenge. To help you make your choice, discover all our tips and gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Making a mother happy on Mother's Day is very important for all children. At first, handmade drawings and painted pasta necklaces are real tokens of love and affection for mothers. As you get older, Mother's Day gives you the opportunity to please your mother with a gift she will cherishe. Perfume is one of the most popular gifts because of its simplicity and elegance. However, it is important to choose the right perfume according to your mother's personality and preferences.

Elegant, chic and sophisticated, perfume is one of the most popular gifts to celebrate Mother's Day. It gives all children the opportunity to give a present that mothers can wear and enjoy every day. Discover our selection of perfumes for Mother's Day and choose the gift that will surely move your mother.

  • UNE ROSE: Mother's Day is also the perfect occasion to please your lover and the mother of your children. Choose a gift that shows your love with Une Rose perfume. A subtle blend of Bulgarian rose, bergamot and pink pepper, Une Rose will seduce with its sensual and estival notes. To complete your gift, a red rose or chocolates will create an unforgettable moment.
  • UNE VANILLE: For mothers who love exotic scents, the fragrance Une Vanille will be perfect. With its sweet, oriental and intoxicating scent, this fragrance will transport all mothers to a world where they can relax and enjoy the subtle scents of vanilla.
  • UN ÉTÉ: With its unique and original signature that evokes sweet summer memories, like sunbathing on the beach, this fragrance is a true celebration of freedom and holidays. A few drops of Un Été on the neck and wrist will be the perfect to celebrate the arrival of the summer season.
  • UN MUSC: Popular, timeless and elegant, the perfume Un Musc is a best-seller that seduces all women looking for an exceptional and original fragrance. The notes of ginger, bergamot and vetiver bring a freshness that will touch your skin with tenderness.

A few more gift ideas for Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day will take place on the 4th of June 2023 in France. It is important to pamper your mother and delight her with many original presents. Among the best ideas, the gift sets with lots of presents are a little attention that will please all mothers. Finding a gift to give her in addition to perfume allows you to wish her a happy Mother's Day and put a smile on her face in the morning. 

To help you to choose the right gift, you will find below a list of gifts for all budgets:

  • A piece of jewellery: earrings, a pendant or an engraved bracelet.
  • A scrapbook with a mix of photos from your childhood.
  • A Mother's Day card with an inscription, "Happy Mother's Day".
  • A make-up pouch.
  • A keychain with family photos.

Don't forget that this year's Mother's Day will take place on the first weekend of June. Remember to take your Obvious perfume and a nice flower bouquet with you for the most beautiful mother on Earth.

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