It's a fact: today, perfume is more than ever an accessory of ostentation, a social attribute.

For our part, we believe that the "exclusive, rare and precious" perfume has become totally commonplace, and even illusory, endlessly reproducing materialistic scenarios and convoluted, even pretentious, narratives. Because we wanted to re-establish a sense of justice and eliminate the superfluous, we created Obvious. A perfume house whose raw, bohemian beauty had to be as clear as it was obvious.

Driven by the desire to reenchant what is priceless - authenticity, balance, harmony - our creations conceal a real sophistication beneath their apparent simplicity.The obvious scents designed first and foremost to please and to convince ourselves of two absolute certainties:our uniqueness and our awareness of being part of a whole.



We are adepts of what might be called "the olfactory clear line". Complexity serves our artistic vision without being a goal in itself.

But we also like to live life to the full. That's why our creations are fragrant evidences of punchy, lively energy, sometimes with a touch of nostalgia.


We go all out with our formulas. We're also committed to eco-responsibility, where we really do our utmost (without greenwashing, of course).


David Frossard has followed the development of the perfume industry for over 20 years.

Committed to a constant process of improvement in this sector, David has conceived Obvious as a luxury perfume brand that meets the demands of our modern times, combining simplicity and elegance with personal respect and environment needs.