Obvious is a luxury perfume brand that is environmentally responsible and made in France. It meets the requirements of our modern lives by blending simplicity and elegance in self-respect and environmental protection.

We have opted to use environmentally responsible raw materials when at all possible. Whether in the essences, in which we prefer natural ingredients to synthetic alternatives, in our organic alcohol for the dilution process, in the bottle made of recycled and recyclable glass, in the cork tops made from wine cork production offshoots (without plastic inserts) or, naturally, in the external packaging which is entirely made of recyclable paper and no cellophane.

We are offering a perfume at a fair price which supports a production chain of suppliers who are committed to a sustainable development approach despite demand still being so low in the luxury sector. Our suppliers are selected with the utmost care and we promote short supply chains.


The word may sound cliché, but we believe it carries a profound meaning, that of beauty and aesthetics. We take pleasure in imagining and designing a product that has soul and meaning. We like things done well, with love and passion


is about striking the right balance between delicacy and power, casualness and exuberance, and our idea of elegance. And for us, it's the idea of elegance. And it's the search for a reasonable, accessible price that's more about activism than financial logic.


We love stories, but Obvious was born out of a desire to tell ourselves less. We find show-off boring, preferring spontaneity and the good taste of being ourselves.


We hold freedom dear, whether symbolically, through our desire for symbiosis with nature, or in very practical terms, through the use of our fragrances in layering.