"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger." DISCOVER Un Oud : The New Fragrance by OBVIOUS.


We believe that beauty is obvious and does not need an explanation. A perfume’s refinement is determined by a short and balanced design process. So, drawing inspiration from what nature has to offer, we have come up with elegant and modern fragrances.

For us, “luxury” means simplicity, elegance and respect. Like the classic jeans and white t-shirt, we advocate the importance of these essentials which stand out for their extreme quality.

Stripped of the superfluous, our products’ central features were preserved to give rise to formulations that are extremely respectful of the environment and of our bodies.


We decided to make our main goal the creation of beautiful perfumes. Then, we got rid of all the superfluous and secondary elements. In this way, using seven iconic ingredients from the perfumer’s palette, we have created sensitive, intimate and elegant fragrances.

The value of our fragrances stems from our attention to detail. The right mixtures between the ingredients have brought about a balance that is both refined and original.

The result is perfumes that directly draw inspiration from natural ecosystems, in both their composition and their design, with exemplary staying power.