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10 samples + 19€ gift voucher!

Discover the OBVIOUS perfume collection through this discovery set including :

10 x 1,5ml perfume samples: Un Bois, Un Musc, Une Fleur d'Oranger, Une Vanille, Une Rose, Un Patchouli, Une Verveine, Une Figue, Un Oud, Une Pistache. A sample of Scoville by Obvious and Un Eté will also be added!

a 19€ gift voucher valid for the purchase of a perfume 100ml (discount code sent by email as soon as your order is delivered and available in the tab "vouchers" of your customer account


Conditions of use :

  • Discount code strictly personal and valid once per person
  • Code valid on the e-shop only during 30 days
  • The disovery set cannot be returned

Delivery charges will apply for discovery kit orders outside France.

Type of Fragrance
Eau de parfum

Personalize your perfume with layering

To create a unique fragrance that matches your mood, or your outfit, you can combine OBVIOUS fragrances with each other. For a successful signature, we recommend using two fragrances. 

Here are our fragrance suggestion

  • Une Verveine + Une Figue : The fig gives the verbena a strong hold and gives the perfume a summer, Mediterranean vacation feel.
  • Un Bois + Une Figue : The wood brings masculinity to the fig while preserving its very sensual roundness.
  • Un Musc + Une Figue : The musk brings lightness to the fig. It makes it whiter, cleaner and more airy.
  • Un Bois + Un Musc: A milky sandalwood, warmer and more sensual.
  • Une Bois + Un Poivre:A masculine woody olfactory signature where the wood is drier.
  • Un Bois + Une Rose: A more oriental version with a powerful and not sweet rose.
  • Un Bois + Une Verveine: A masculine freshness. The wood makes the verbena opulent, boosts its citrus side and reveals its lime facets.
  • Un Bois + Un Patchouli:The wood enhances the patchouli and makes it less greedy, more pure and drier.
  • Un Musc + Une Vanille: A result that turns the two somewhat intimate fragrances into a combination with a trail. Unexpected facets appear like that of bitter almond. The greediness of vanilla boosted, reveals facets of white chocolate.
  • Un Musc + Un Poivre: Makes the perfume Un Poivre more icy with a nutmeg facet.
  • Un Musc + Une Fleur d’Oranger: The musk brings a more vegetal facet to the orange blossom with a musky Cologne version.
  • Un Patchouli + Un Poivre: A combination that reveals woody and incense facets for an ultra dry and slightly smoky fragrance.
  • Un Patchouli + Une Vanille: A gourmand perfume where vanilla reinforces the tonka bean of patchouli and makes it even sweeter. The leather facet rises and slightly evokes the smoky and leathery vanilla pod.
  • Un Poivre + Une Rose: The pepper brings a dry and spicy side to the rose. It becomes more masculine, animal and dense.
  • Un Poivre + Une Vanille: A vegetal and less greedy vanilla.
  • Une Fleur d’Oranger + Une Vanille: The vanilla gives an oriental pastry side, amber and warm to the perfume.
  • Une Fleur d’Oranger + Un Bois: The wood brings power to Une Fleur d'Oranger, a skin scent. The orange blossom becomes more expressive and gains in trail.
  • Une Rose + Un Musc: Musk makes the rose young, soft and powdery. More peony and much less fruity than Une Rose worn alone.
  • Une Rose + Un Patchouli: Patchouli gives the rose a vintage, classic and oriental feel with a cocoa facet.
  • Une Vanille + Un Bois: The wood refreshes the vanilla, de-sugarizes it, making it almost bergamot.
  • Une Verveine + Une Fleur d’Oranger: A combination reminiscent of a classic but very honeyed Cologne.
  • Une Verveine + Un Musc: A fresh musky scent, where verbena reveals its ginger and milky facets.

Customer reviews

Reviews about this product

Based on 11 reviews

  • Image utilisateur Madara G.
    Published Jun 12, 2024 at 12:13 pm (Order date: May 30, 2024)

    Very good

  • Image utilisateur Olivia G.
    Published Jun 08, 2024 at 06:13 pm (Order date: May 30, 2024)

    Great value for money (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Carline B.
    Published Jun 07, 2024 at 01:41 pm (Order date: May 26, 2024)

    A great way to discover new products (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Caroline P.
    Published May 24, 2024 at 09:34 pm (Order date: Apr 22, 2024)

    Extraordinary (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Régis M.
    Published May 23, 2024 at 08:06 pm (Order date: Mar 11, 2024)

    Vials not fitted with sprays, which is implausible in this day and age, and totally unsuitable for perfume testing. (Translated review)

  • Image utilisateur Olga V.
    Published May 23, 2024 at 03:26 pm (Order date: Feb 08, 2024)

    Great value for money! I appreciated the opportunity to smell some basic perfume notes.

  • Image utilisateur Amanda O.
    Published May 23, 2024 at 02:25 pm (Order date: Apr 03, 2024)

    Value for money, got to try so many different scents from the brand + two samples were given for free as well

  • Image utilisateur KAPKA R.
    Published May 23, 2024 at 02:23 pm (Order date: May 09, 2024)

    Thanks, I LOVE it OBVIOS

  • Image utilisateur Beatrix K.
    Published May 23, 2024 at 01:53 pm (Order date: Apr 17, 2024)

    Lovely fragrances, amazing price for the quality and variety, and long lasting

  • Image utilisateur Christina D.
    Published May 23, 2024 at 01:13 pm (Order date: Feb 09, 2024)

    Almost perfect. Perhaps, it would be nice to have a discovery set with about 5 parfums where one can choose by himself which parfums to try.

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