UN ÉTÉ - 9ml
UN ÉTÉ - 9ml
UN ÉTÉ - 9ml
UN ÉTÉ - 9ml
UN ÉTÉ - 9ml
UN ÉTÉ - 9ml

UN ÉTÉ - 9ml

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Eau de parfum, 9ml

This is the perfume of your memories, this is Un Été

Body and soul heated and freed by the sun. This sacred interlude is: Un Été. Close your eyes and remember your last summer at the beach. Remember the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the sand heated by the sun, the salty smell of the sea…

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This fragrance will remind you the creamy notes of sunscreen on your skin after a long day at the beach. The head notes with tangerine, ginger and mandarine oil are giving the fragrance a fresh and zesty vibe. Then, the vanilla bean and the matcha accord are making it last on your skin. 

  • TOP NOTES: Ginger oil, tangerine heart, mandarine oil.
  • HEART NOTES: Matcha accord, orange Flower absolute, mate oil.
  • BASE NOTES: Vanilla bean extract, tonka bean absolute, peru Balsam oil.

Perfumer: Maebh Mc Curtin (IFF)

Olfactory family
Type of Fragrance
Eau de parfum
Travel Size

Personalize your fragrance with layering

To create a unique fragrance that matches your mood, your mood, or your outfit, you can combine OBVIOUS fragrances with each other. For a successful signature, OBVIOUS recommends using two fragrances. 

Here are our fragrance suggestions for pairing with UN ÉTÉ:

  • Un Été + Une Vanille= Vanilla revives the structure of the perfume Un Été; it develops the heart composed of vanilla and tonka to its paroxysm. Vanilla reinforces the round and creamy notes of Un Ete and gives it a deep, warm and musky trail with bewitching lasting. 
  • Un Été + Une Fleur d'Oranger= Un Été, but fresher! The orange blossom brings up the fresh and floral notes already present in Un Été. On the skin, this association is subtle and reinforces the sunny side and aerates the perfume. The fresh notes reminiscent of the seaside are deployed, and give this layering the purity of a long summer day.

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