UN BOIS - 9ml
UN BOIS - 9ml
UN BOIS - 9ml
UN BOIS - 9ml
UN BOIS - 9ml
UN BOIS - 9ml

UN BOIS - 9ml

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Eau de Parfum, 9ml

Discover a new size of Obvious best seller perfume: Un Bois. A fresh, solid and dry fragrance like the material it is named after. A modern woody scent carried by ambroxan that makes it addictive. The notes of sandalwood, cypriol and cedar follow one another to leave an impression of character and power. Un Bois vibrates like a "Fender" or "Gibson" in full release. The freshness of the Italian bergamot and the elegance of the Haitian vetiver finish to make this perfume a classic for men and women of their time!

Perfume delivered with sample for testing - FREE RETURNS!

  • TOP NOTES : Italian bergamot, Asian black pepper essence
  • HEART NOTES : Ambroxan (Sage Isolate), Virginia cedar wood essence
  • BASE NOTES : Indian papyrus wood, Malaysian gurjum balm essence, Haitian vetiver essence

COMPOSITION : Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Water (Aqua), D-Limonene, Linalool, Citral.

Perfumer : Amélie Bourgeois (Flair)

Olfactory family
Type of Fragrance
Eau de parfum
Travel Size

Personalize your perfume with layering

To create a unique fragrance that matches your mood, or your outfit, you can combine OBVIOUS fragrances with each other. For a successful signature, we recommend using two fragrances. 

Here are our fragrance suggestions for associations with Un Bois.

  • Un Bois + Un Poivre = A masculine woody olfactory signature where the wood becomes even drier.
  • Un Bois + Une Verveine = A masculine freshness

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